MATH 109 Bryant and Stratton College Week 6 Statistics Test Worksheet


Describe real-world situation when you thought about the value of a measurement and stated a conclusion about the likelihood that it is true

Clearly state your null and alternative hypotheses

Identify your example as a one-tailed or two-tailed test

Instructor’s Example:

1) I am sure that the average time it takes me to get ready each morning is 30 minutes.


  • 3) This is a one tailed test since I am testing for the possibility of the relationship in only one direction.
  • Ideas for classmate response posts:
  • Identify the Type I and Type II errors for a classmate’s hypothesis test scenario.
  • Explain how the null and alternative hypotheses would change if a classmate ran a two-tailed test instead of a one-tailed test or vice versa.

    PART B review from teacher ( You submitted a Word document that NOT INCLUDED the data analysis (without a title the content can not be identified as data analysis).At this phase of the project, your project should be a Word document that includes: title page, statement, literature review, goal statement, research question(s), methodology, data analysis._________________________________REMINDERS1. The final project is graded by a rubric: if the title page, the statement of the problem, the literature review, the goal statement, the research questions, methodology, data analysis, conclusion, reflection are not indicated clearly (i.e. using a title) as seen in the example project located under “Ask your Instructor”, they will be considered as missing and will be graded accordingly. This can easily affect your grade in a negative way.2. Apply APA formation for the final project submitted Word document.3. Include references.

    Data Analysis: Utilizing the data you have found for this project, perform all necessary analysis; this will include any mean, variance, and standard deviation calculations, as well as any other tests you identified in your methodology. Based on the data you have found, represent your findings through the organizational means you identified in your methodology and be sure to include as exhibits all

    PART C 150 words

    Many aspects of math can easily be seen in everyday life and others aren’t as visible but are still present. This week we learned about Hypothesis Testing and Research Methods comparing means. Reflect and describe a time your life has felt an impact based on the result of hypothesis testing and specific research methods or extrapolate how they could be applied to your future career Anastacia Burton
    The data I found for this project is shown below.
    The data that is relevant in this statistic is the credit card balance for my selected population.
    Using excel, my calculated tests are as follows:
    Mean: 467.05
    Variance: 173952.6475
    standard deviation: 427.9112642

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