MFT 615 Adler School of Professional Psychology Role of Emotions Discussion

1)Explain congruence and incongruence and give one example of a dialogue between two people that demonstrates congruence. Give one example of a dialogue between two people that demonstrates incongruence.

2)Based on the reading of how emotions develop, what are the implications for the work with children, teens and adults?

Reading Below

TD 1 – Bloch, A. (2011). Communication and Congruence Video – Virginal Satir. Thinbking Allowed Productions.Retrieved from Counseling and Therapy in video, volumes I-III in the Touro Library.

TD 2 – Chapter 1 in Barish, K. (2009). Emotions in child psychotherapy :An integrative framework Oxford. Oxford: Oxford University Press. EBSCO eBook collection in the Touro Library

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