MFT 615 ASPP Sociological Cultural & Religious Perspective Discussion

2a. What MFT models are you interested in pursuing as you embark on the topics around sex and sexuality with individuals, couples, and families? Are there any other counseling related models or theories that you find to be interesting? What makes the ones you chose interesting to you?2b. After reading the article from the National Health Statistics Report,please elaborate on one of the statistics that impacts relationships that changed your view on a certain aspect of relationships or sexuality.2c. To what extent do you think that your religious or cultural upbringing and beliefs regarding relationships impact your current or future sexual and marital choices?

Cope, C.E., Chandra, A., & Febo-Vasquez, I. (2016). Sexual behavior, sexual attraction, and sexual identity in the United States: Data from the 2011–2013 National Survey of Family Growth. National Health Statistics Report, 88, 1-15. Retrieved from

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