Miami Dade College Adolescence Cognitive Social and Personality Development Paper

  • Write a research paper about adolescence (2 pages)
  • Use the 1-,2-,3- topics to develop the research about adolescence
  • Be organized and creative. Use opinions, life experiences to talk on the topic.MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I live with 2 adolescents (my husbands’ son and daughter, 17 and 15 years old) The first 2 years were more difficult, now the girl and I have a great relationship; with the boy has been more difficult since he doesn’t talk to much to me or his dad, I take him to school and pick him up everyday, I cook for them, and I try to do my best to make the living easier and nicer for this family.The boy seems to be popular at school, his friends love him, and he has a girlfriend.

  • MY OPINION: I think a divorce is always a trauma for children, especially when the parents decide to have a new relationship. Teenage is a difficult age, the person is still in the process, and think the world is against them. Is a period where the parents need more communication with them, and they require more attention.

    1- Physical Development in adolescence, physical maturation

    . Grow during Adolescence. The rapid pace of physical and sexual maturation

    . nutrition, food, and eating disorders: fueling the growth of adolescence

    .Brain Development and thought: Paving the way for Cognitive Growth

    . Threats to adolescents’ wellbeing (drugs, alcohol, and tobacco)

    Becoming an informed consumer or development

    . Hooked on drugs or alcohol?

    . Sexual transmitted infections

    Cultural dimensions

    . Selling death: Pushing smoking to the less Advantaged.

    2- Cognitive development in adolescence

    . Piagetian Approaches to cognitive development: Using formal operations

    . Information- processing perspectives: Gradual transformations in abilities.

    . School performance

    3- Social and personality development in Adolescence

    Identity: Who I am?

    . Self- Concept and Self-Esteem

    . Perspectives on identity formation

    . Depression and Suicide: Psychological difficulties an adolescence

    Becoming an informed consumer of development

    . Preventing Adolescence suicide

    . relationship family friends

    . Family ties: changing relationships with relations

    . Relationships with peers: the importance of belonging

    From research to practice: Empathy in Adolescence

    Cultural dimensions race segregation: The great divide of adolescence

    . dating, sexual behavior, and teenage pregnancy

    . dating: close relationships in the 21 century.

    . Sexual relationships.

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