Module 3 Discussion


The purpose of Module Three Discussion is to allow students to examine the role, definition, sphere of influence, and competencies of the project manager. The module further examines the project manager as a leader.


As a result of this examination, students are expected to be able to do the following; describe the role of the project manager, analyze the functions of the project manager; and evaluate the project manager as a leader.

Heagney Chapters 2 and 14 and PMBOK Chapter 3 will be used to guide Module 3 Discussion

Initial Discussion Post

After actively reading and reflecting on the assigned module readings and assigned videos, your task in this Discussion assignment is to draw from all module materials, and initiate a meaningful, substantive, well-thought-out, and in-depth discussion.


In three paragraphs this discussion will be presented following these tasks:

Task One (Chapter Summary)

Present a summary including the general key points of Heagney, Chapters 2 and 14.

Task Two (“Key Points to Remember”)

Select, and further examine ONE “Key Points to Remember” (Heagney, pp. 31 OR pp. 197) of your choice. Your discussion must interrogate, and expand on the selected “key point”. Referencing the assigned videos is required. Referencing other external sources/research to help bolster your understanding of the “key point” is highly encouraged.

Task Three (PMBOK Cross-Referencing)

Cross-reference your selected “Key Points to Remember” with the corresponding PMBOK chapter, Chapter 3: A). How does PMBOK Chapter 3 help bolster your understanding of “the project manager” Heagney presented in Chapters 2 & 14? B) Specifically, which components of PMBOK Chapter 3 do you find most helpful, and why?

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