Module 5 Implementation of Telenursing in Future Healthcare Essay

Module 06 English Composition Credit by Assessment

Deliverable 06: English Composition


Show ability to use standard professional English in formal written documents.


Familiarize yourself with the strategies of research and produce an original five page minimum persuasive research essay using only the Rasmussen College library to find varied academic resources/databases. Choose five current, varied (by type), and credible sources to use in writing to support your topic which should result in a five page essay that persuades the reader that your perspective on a debatable topic is the correct position to take. Your APA paper should demonstrate your ability to engage the reader, provide a strong thesis with pattern for development, incorporate in-text citations as needed, and include a final reference page listing and using research resources as described above. Here is the topic for your persuasive essay assignment:

What do you think will be the most important debatable economic or social problem facing your field of work 20 years from now?Choose the problem, define it, and defend your position using credible research from the Rasmussen College library databases.

Should Not Privatize Prisons
Author Note
Student Anybody-
Should Not Privatize Prisons
The debate as to whether prisons should be privatized has attracted the attention of
different stakeholders in recent years. Proponents of privatizing these institutions claim that the
move will help improve the conditions of these institutions. However, the opponents argue that
the move will lead to exploitation. As the debate continues, it is true that privatizing Prison will
be a wrong move with devastating consequences.
Prisons should not be privatized because punishing criminal activity should not be a
profitable business. It is not the place of private prisons to administer punishments. The State or
government that imprisons people decides who a prisoner is, so they should remain responsible
for the inmates until rehabilitated. It is wrong to put a private company whose primary objective
is to make a profit that makes a profit off a being in charge of prison operations because their
concern will be to make a profit and not to rehabilitate. The goal is profit, not punishment or
rehabilitation. Private prisons that cut costs may risk security problems because cutting costs
often means cutting corners. I think private prisons are wrong, but.
There are concerns that when Prison is placed in private individuals’ hands, their goal will
be to make profits. This will lead to poor treatment of prisoners. Will Prison should not be
privatized because the path to profit is to mistreat human beings. Prisons are based on two
things; custody and care. There is the likelihood that when prisons are privatized, the owners will
cut costs to maximize profit, reducing the quality of care in these institutions. No one wants to
cut corners on the custody aspects of Prison. Care is the only part of a budget that has room to be
missed. “One-way for-profit prisons to minimize costs is by skimping on provisions, including
food. An investigation conducted by a psychiatrist in a privately run prison in Mississippi found
that the inmates were severely underfed and looked “almost emaciated”. The psychiatrist
reported that during their incarceration, the prisoners lost between 10 to 60 pounds. “ A
psychiatrist who investigated a privately run prison in Mississippi found that the inmates were
severely underfed and looked “almost emaciated.” During their incarceration, prisoners lost
anywhere from 10 to 60 pounds.” Citation Steven Starkey.
Additionally, there is fear that private institutions will not properly deliver in their duty to
rehabilitate offenders because they understand that they will be out of business if the offenders
genuinely change. Additionally, there is a financial incentive to do a bad job. The more effective
a correctional facility is the less need for its services. Suppose the inmates have educational,
work release programs, medical care such as anger management or mental health while locked
up. In that case, it’s less likely for them to return to Prison after being released. There will be no
one to go to Prison. Therefore, private people in business will do everything possible to ensure
that they have a constant flow of customers. There will never be a point of not needing prisons;
if there are better correctional policies and administration could result in a reduction of need.
Privatized prisons are disastrous from the point of view of a profit organization.
Finally, the most fundamental reason Prison should not be privatized is the right to
punish belongs only to the State. The criminal justice system is the process by which legally
deprives human beings of their guaranteed rights. When someone other than the State tries to
deny someone of these freedoms and rights, charge them with crimes so if it is a privatized
prison doing no different than one that committed the crime.
Prisons should not be privatized because punishing criminal activities activity should not
be a “for-profit” business. It is not the place of private prisons to administer prisoner
punishments Because it is the State government that determines who a prisoner is. They should
remain responsible for them until time has been served. Private prisons that cut costs may risk
security problems because cutting costs often means cutting corners which is less.
Prisons should not be privatized because . . . n.d retrieved from
Beal. P. (2014). Privatizing prison health care leaves inmates in pain, sometimes dying. Retrieved
Privatizing prison health care leaves inmates in pain … Friday, Oct. 3, 2014 retrieved from
Jing, Y. (n.d). Prison Privatization: A Study of the Causes and Magnitude. Retrieved from
Prison privatization: a study of the causes and magnitude … (n.d.). Retrieved from
Deliverable 05: Collaboration on the Final Draft of a Persuasive Essay:
Please answer the following short questions as if you are offering feedback and input–in about
25-word answers–to your work colleague as a form of solid feedback about this paper. Your
sentences should be complete and answer the prompt in light of what you are reading before
1) I, the reader, feel the topic of this paper is stated quite plainly, and a clear position
is taken on it because (why or why not?):
The topic and the writer’s position are not well articulated because the essay lacked a thesis
statement. The topic is also not precise, as indicated in the header.
2) Name 2 elements of the writing process you think this author needed to consider
more thoroughly in stating their position.
The author needs to work on clarity and proper sentencing to be able to articulate their
position thoroughly.
3) Did you find the research element to be covered sufficiently in this persuasive
research essay? Why or Why Not?
The research element was not covered sufficiently in this essay. The author did not include intext citations in the essay.
4) Consider the sentence structures here. Do they demonstrate the writer’s critical
thinking ability in this exercise? Why or Why Not?
The sentence structure indeed demonstrates the writer’s critical thinking. He uses the sentence
to bring out arguments that the audience can understand.
5) List 4 unique errors pertaining to the correct use of APA formatting throughout this
Wrong referencing
Wrong in-text citations
Wrong cover page organization
Untraceable sources
6) In a brief sentence or two, what would you advise this writer to do to improve the
organization of this persuasive essay? Consider introduction, body paragraphs,
conclusion, research support, citations, reference list, sentence revisions, and voice,
audience, and relating to the reader.
It is a necessity for the writer to include an introductory paragraph that captivates
the audience and brings out his thesis. He also needs to include his sources in the
essay as much as possible. The sentences need to be restructured to create a logical

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