MOLECULES, GENES, EVOLUTION take home exam assignment for Microbiology

Open the attachment and read the assignment. The article is on the following link.
copy and paste the above line to get to the article.
I would do this myself but recently have lost some in my family and cannot complete the assignment this week. thanks for all your help.




All the points you earn from this assignment will be part of your final Exam 3 score. It is due in your next BIO 1570 class (a week after the 3rd exam), with a cumulative penalty for late submission. If your work is too similar to someone else’s, expect a zero score for plagiarism. If two or more students have work that is too similar, then all the parties involved will be penalized and reported to the Dean.

PART 1 (13 pts): Read the New York Times article on RNA world posted on Blackboard (External Links) and then construct a concept map by using each of the terms below. Use boxes and arrows typical of concept mapping and be creative: for instance, you may used branched arrows and/or add another concept or two for better linking. You can earn up to 3 extra credit points if you add additional concepts/terms accurately (at least two of them would have to be something we’ve learned in class). As always, remember that the linking words must contain a verb for full credit and that your concepts are linked into nice, readable sentences. I suggest you create your drafts elsewhere and then draw the final map on the back of this sheet), or you may use a separate sheet and staple it with this one. The map may be hand-crafted or created in PowerPoint, whichever is easier for you. Points will be taken off for messy and/or illegible work.

JD Sutherland

nitrogenous base

UV light

PART 2 (12 pts): Write a short essay – 400-500 words – in which you will discuss how microbial genetics, metabolism, growth and evolution are related to each other. You may use ANY specific example(s) to illustrate your statements. If you have used any articles/books (besides your textbook) list all the references properly at the bottom.

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