Some are motivated by the fact of music and by music alone. Some are motivated by Just being able to work on an instrument. A lot of the motivation I think actually comes from the product itself in a lot of ways. When employees see the actual finished product, I think that ends up being the motivator in a lot of ways. 2. What kinds of guitars do employees most like to produce?
Employees at Washburn Guitars most like to produce signature model guitars. I think one of the biggest motivational factors for this is that when they are done with a guitar, they actually have taken it from the drawing board to the manufacturing point, giving it to the artist and watching them play it on stage. It motivates employees at Washburn Guitars to create more signature guitars for top recording artists. 3. What Is the connection between quality guitars and workforce motivation?
Washburn Guitar creates Its own challenges by promising customers that each guitar presents the finest quality at the best possible price. They do not compromise when it comes to the quality of their guitars. Signature models are used to Increase the appeal of a guitar. It makes a statement about the guitar’s quality and It strengthens Washburn relationship with artists and millions of their fans. Washburn employees need to make good on this promise. Reference Lesser, R. N. & ACH, C. F. (2010).

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