MSU Impact of The COVID 19 Pandemic on Patient Confidence Review

Only want part iii

Hello, I am working on a Research paper on impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on patient
confidence levels. I need some help with the literature review section. I wish to approach the
literature review from four main perspectives:
How the covid-19 pandemic has impacted psychological markers for patient confidenceanxiety etc.
How the pandemic has influenced patient confidence in healthcare workers (HCWs) and
likelihood for patients to seek healthcare interventions (both covid and other illnesses).
What is the confidence level among Healthcare workers on existing knowledge on Covi19 influencing pandemic preparedness.
How patient confidence levels in vaccines demonstrate increased or decreased patient
levels and trust in pandemic counteractive measures.
I want you to focus on part (iii) and I have selected three sources for you to use. Examine each
independently. I want just 200 words for each.
Here are the sources:
Source 1
Elgibaly, O., Daef, E., Elghazally, S., Hassan, H., ElsaidTash, R., Bahgat, S., . . . El-Sokkary, R.
(2021). Knowledge, perception, and confidence of healthcare workers about COVID-19
preventive measures during the first wave of the pandemic: a cross-sectional study from
Egypt. Germs, 11(2), 179-188. doi:10.18683/germs.2021.1255
Citation: (Elgibaly, et al., 2021)
Source 2
Manyaapelo, T., Mokhele, T., Sifunda, S., Ndlovu, P., Dukhi, N., Sewpaul, R., . . . Reddy, P.
(2021). Determinants of Confidence in Overall Knowledge About COVID-19 Among
Healthcare Workers in South Africa: Results From an Online Survey. Frontiers in Public
Health. Retrieved from
Citation: (Manyaapelo et al., 2021)
Source 3
Kadoya, Y., Zen, K., Wakana, N., Yanishi, K., Senoo, K., Nakanishi, N., . . . Matoba, S. (2021).
Knowledge, perception, and level of confidence regarding COVID-19 care among
healthcare workers involved in cardiovascular medicine: a web-based cross-sectional
survey in Japan. Journal of Cardiology, 77(3), 239-244. Retrieved from
Citation: (Kadoya et al., 2021)
Go straight to examining the articles, no introduction needed.

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