MTH 2401 Statistics Worksheet

MTH 2401 Prob/StatSpring 2022, 30 pts.
Print First & Last Name _________________________________
(due Thursday, March 17, by 8:00 pm EST)
Please submit your solutions electronically via e-mail at You may use
only Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or MS Word. I cannot read any other formats. Please note that after the
above deadline, no paper will be accepted. Pertinent topics: Section 2, Chapter II, Continuous Random
Variables, including simulation on pp. 69-75.
Please provide me not only with an answer, but also with the source code of the program. You need to
attach a snapshot of your screen in the R console as an evidence that you really ran the program and no
one else. Otherwise, the problem won’t be graded. Also, your work must be rendered independently.
CHAPTER II, section 2.
Calculate M œ ” /B sin B .B using stochastic simulation with at least 1ß !00,000 runs. Use the
sample-mean method of subsection 1 of section 2.
(10 pts)
Use a relevant simulation procedure (cf. subsection 2), to find the maximum value of function
0 B œ /B sin B on interval   “ß # and plot the depicted simulated values of the function for
“!!! runs. Then give a relevant upper bound of function 0 on interval   “ß # that you will need
in Problem 3.
(10 pts)
Calculate M œ ” /B sin B .B using stochastic simulation method proposed in subsection 3 and
compare this result with that of Problem 1. Use at least 1,000,000 runs.
(10 pts)

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