Multimedia University Aerobic Exercises Questions

Answer question 8 and 9only

Answer question 8 and 9 onlyAnswer question 8 and 9 onlyAnswer question 8 and 9 only Review Questions
In addition to being able to define each of the key terms, test your knowledge and understanding of the
material by answering the following review questions.
1. Name the four components of any aerobic 6. Give three examples each for type A, B, C,
exercise prescription.
and D aerobic activities.
2. What are the guidelines for an exercise pre- 7. Describe three methods used to prescribe
scription for improved health?
intensity for an aerobic exercise prescription.
3. What are the guidelines for an exercise pre- 8. Using the VO,reserve method, calculate the
scription for cardiorespiratory fitness?
target VO for a client whose VO,max is 12
METs and relative exercise intensity is 70%
4. Identify the three parts of an aerobic exercise
workout and state the purpose of each part.
9. Which method of prescribing intensity (%HRR
5. To classify an aerobic exercise mode as either
a type A, B, C, or D activity, what criteria are
or %HRmax) corresponds 1:1 with the % VO,R

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