MUS 1106 UOT Viva Voce for Schubert Moments Musicaux Op 94 Performance Discussion

  1. Historical distanciation historical context of its creation (date, location, etc)basic biographical information about the composerChanges in the particulars of its performance since its creation
  2. Drawing upon your answer to #1, some discussion of aesthetic and poetic norms of the time of its creation (the general musical trends of the era and location
  3. The MUS 1106 Questions
  4. How does the work and its history, or the history of this improvisatory practice, relate to the themes we have discussed so far?Notions of the ClassicalDistanciationNormativityhistoricalityTypes of historicalityGadamer’s classical mode-of-beingemergenceidentitythe revolutionkairosacceleration Sattlezeit Ontology and performancemyths of intentionality, authenticityIntellectual property and individualityHermeneutic agency
  5. SUMMAHow does YOUR performance and YOUR engagement with the work and its historicities over the course of the semester relate to those themes?
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