Natural observation rubric:

Natural observation rubric:
Identify Variables: what is happening, who is involved. Briefly describe the situation. 7-10 observed situations with clearly identified variables. Situation is explained and behavior is identified.
Analyze Situation:
Why do you think this occurred, what psychological factors might be behind this? Was your observation scientific? Any or ethical moral issues? Analyzes the factors why this occurs. Describes if this might be “normal” or “abnormal” behavior. Superior analysis into the nature of your research. Analyzes the role of the psychologist in addressing behavior. Begins to ask critical questions.
Identify: how you might turn this qualitative assignment into a quantitative one. Student gives clear and concise steps in how this process can be turned into a quantitative assignment. 2+ examples provided
Develop hypothesis: select a few of your observations (if any are linked), & develop a hypothesis that you would like to prove “test” as to why you thought that behavior occurred. Hypothesis clearly states expected behavior and explains the reasons why this behavior occurred. Also listed are the scientific method and how this can be accomplished through creating a survey or other scientific process.

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