North Central College Deconstruct the Decision Making Process Discussion

Deconstruct the Decision-Making Process




Reflect on your decision-making skills and how these skills can be used to enhance your leadership skills in an educational setting.

Take this brief survey from MindTools on your current decision-making skills: specific examples, analyze and compare your survey results on decision-making skills from your original views of your skills prior to taking the survey and completing the readings as they relate to decisions and being mindful.Assess your own decision-making behaviors in the past and compare how you, as a leader, might now change your leadership behaviors in the future.What, if anything, would you change? Be as specific as possible.Explain a decision-making challenge you have personally faced in the past. Based on your knowledge gained from this week’s lesson, would you handle that situation differently now?Explain your personal challenge in detail so that your qualities as a leader come through.Feel free to discuss your current areas in need of enhancement and strengths as they relate to this topic.

  • What are the limitations of taking such surveys?

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