North Hennepin Community College Fast Food Survey Analysis

You pick a topic: I would like to discuss the fast-food topic on my truth paperThe Instructions:
1. Create a survey.
All surveys are anonymous. Do not ask for names or in any way identify your
2. Print out a few copies of your survey 5-10 and test market your survey on some friends or
relatives. Have them be brutally honest on how horrible your survey is. Have a brain storming
session on questions you should include in your survey. Then retype your survey and make
another 5-10 copies. Test market the survey again with some different people and a few of the
same people that were the most critical of your first attempt.
3. Print off 75, yes seventy-five copies, of your surveys and get out in the world and hand them
out to people.
4. Next you take all of your surveys and do some simple math. You add up your responses for
your questions and turn the raw numbers into percentages.
5. Once your survey is done and you figure out how to calculate percentages. you start to write
your paper and create graphs that explain what you have learned about your topic.
6. Write your paper:
What do I include in my paper you ask?
An introduction: Why did you select this topic? Why is the topic
important? Why is the topic interesting, funny or quirky?
Your findings. What did you learn from your survey about people, their
behaviors, beliefs, attitudes. What results did you expect and what were your actual
results. Compare what you thought to what people really said in their survey. Where did you
mess up? What questions should you have asked? Look on-line and find out what other people
have found in their research and compare it to your research. What were the 3-5 most interesting
things you learned about your topic from doing this research.
7. Plagiarism Be careful! When you get content…even a sentence or idea from another source
you must give the author credit. Create a page for the end of your paper listing your citations.
8. Graphs. Use graphs! Use graphs to illustrate your findings. Do not use graphs to fill up
space to count as pages. I still expect 5-7 pages of written content!
9. Conclusion What are your overriding most interesting finding(s). Summarize them in a
solid paragraph.

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