North Lake College Business Progress Report Essay

Please read the instructions in the file named “2311-Progress-Report-Assignment-Instructions”. Shortly, you will have 2 options. The first is to write a business progress report, if you choose this option please read the file named “Business progress report example”. The second option is to write a term paper progress report, for that read the file named “Term Paper Progress Report Example”.

Legend For figure 7.2
1. “Single space all content sections
2. ½ inch between the To: From: Subject: side headings and the content lines. Align the content
lines at the left.
3. 1 line space above and below the subject line.
4. Bold the subject line
5. Single space all paragraphs. Bold the sub-heading.
6. 1 line space between each content area.
7. Single-space the paragraph and bold the sub-headings.
8. Use bullets to be concise.
9. Single space and bold the subheadings.
10. Use bullets to be concise”
Figure 7.2 (2 pages) on next page
Legend for figure 7.5 (Formatting and Spacing)
“Single space the heading.
1 line space above and below subject line.
1 line space between the subject line and the opening paragraph.
Single spaced paragraphs throughout.
1 line space above and below the ‘Work Completed’ line.
1 line space between the ‘work completed’ line and the first entry.
1 line space between all single spaces entries.
Make sure the entries are aligned on the left.
Make sure your dates are aligned on the right.
1 line space
1 line space
1 line space
1 line space between entries
1 line space”
Figure 7.5 on next page
Legend for Figure 7.3 (Toulmin Guide-Business progress report)
1. “Claim – A clear statement denoting the completion date for the formation of a new academic
program. The writer is making a claim that the project will in fact be completed on this date.
2. Support – This is evidence that supports the claim which contends that the program will be up
and running by May 15, 2013.
3. Support – Further evidence that the deadline will be met.
4. Additional Support
5. Warrants – These are the unstated beliefs that the President of the university may have. Clearly,
all college Presidents want their school on the map so that they can be recognized amongst
leading institutions. Warrants are assumption. The writer does not have to be a mind reader, he
just needs to consider the things most important to the President with regard to a new
academic program.
Figure 7.3 on the next page (2 pages)
Legend Figure 7.6 (Toulmin Guide – Term Paper)
1. “Claim – writer clearly states what he intends to do.
2. Warrants – The writer is addressing what he thinks his professor feels is most important in
academics. This would be an unstated belief the professor might have.
3. Support – All of the work thus far is evidence that a high-quality paper will be completed. There
is a sure progression toward an intended goal.
4. Additional Support – pointing to a successful completion of the project. Thus the initial Claim
has been supported by strong evidence.
5. Warrants – These are more unstated beliefs that may be held in the mind of the graduate
advisor. All professors worry about quality of a students project. Here, the writer is
acknowledging some weak points, but quickly points out the fact that his skills and background
will deliver a successful paper.”
Figure 7.6 on the next page (2 pages)

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