Northeastern University CEO of Stonewall Manufacturing Memorandum

Part 1

After reading Pegrum’s article, how do you define “network literacy”? Please explain this concept in your own words in 1-2 sentences.

Part 2

Pegrum argues that information literacy requires network literacy:

But staying well informed and receiving useful answers to your questions depends, firstly, on building and maintaining networks which are large as well as diverse. In a world of crowdsourced knowledge, we only “know what our networks know.”

Do you agree? Which, if any networks, do you depend on for knowledge about your professional world? How much and what kind of effort do you put into developing and maintaining them?

What would happen if you lost access? Would you agree with Pegrum’s pessimistic assessment: “You are no more or less than your communications and your connections. If you stop communicating and connecting, you cease to exist, and your social filters, social capital, and access to supporters and collaborators disappear too.”

Part 3

In 2-3 sentences, argue whether the “Rules of the Garage” are a helpful ethos for this (or any other) course.


Individual Response (250 words max.)

In your individual response, I am looking to see evidence that you have understood the theoretical implications of course readings and can apply these to the issues at hand and to your professional practice (or personal experience.)

Link to additional Resource:

Rules Of The Garage

Rules in the garage

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