Northlake College Value of Philosophy and Philosophical Ideas Discussion

  • One of the things we ‘do’ in philosophy is evaluated others’ views, others’ opinions. So, since we will be doing much of that in this course and in these discussion forums, we should discuss our opinions about opinions. Here are two questions to get us started:

    • Are all opinions of equal value? In other words, is the statement, “All opinions are of equal value” true or false? Your response must include reasons for your position as well as an example that helps illustrate it (e.g. an example of two opinions and your explanation of why they are or are not equal in value).
    • Should we respect every opinion? Why? or Why not? (by respect is meant ‘admire,’ esteem,’ ‘hold in high regard’) Your response must include reasons for your position and an example that helps illustrate it.
    • Unlike many other disciplines, philosophy is one that students are often unclear about. They aren’t sure what to expect, what they will learn, or what the benefits will be (in contrast to courses in math, history, and government, for example). By now you should have completed the reading by Bertrand Russell called “The Value of Philosophy.” His text could be described as a very ‘philosophical’ response to the question ‘why study philosophy?’. Read Why Study Philosophy? ‘To Challenge Your Own Point of View’ by philosopher Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, which deals rather differently with the same question, and then respond to this thread with 1 point (feel free to quote it directly) from each reading that resonates with you about the value of ‘doing philosophy.’ Make sure to explain WHY the points you discuss stood out to you.Make sure to follow the instructions given in Unit 1 in the Discussion Forums: Protocol and Grading Criteria folder for making specific references to texts, videos, and podcasts; posts that do not make references according to these instructions will not receive full credit.Works Linked/Cited:Newberger Goldstein, Rebecca. “Why Study Philosophy? ‘To Challenge Your Own Point of View’.” The Atlantic. 27 Feb. 2014. Why Study Philosophy? ‘To Challenge Your Own Point of View’ – The Atlantic. Accessed 30 Apr. 2018.
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