Ohio State University Globalization and Sustainability Essay

Material used throughout semester: McMichael, Philip. 2017. Development and Social Change: A Global Perspective. 6 th Edition. Los Angeles: Sage.

? Millstone, Erik and Tim Lang. 2008. The Atlas of Food: Who Eats What, Where, and Why. 2 nd Edition. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press.

? Tucker, Catherine M. 2017. Coffee Culture: Local Experiences, Global Connections. 2 nd Edition. New York: Routledge

What are the Course Objectives?

? Understand globalization as a process that has produced development and instabilities; ? Develop your “sociological imagination,” the ability to see the connections between individual lives and broader social forces, in order to grasp the links between your own life and global change and events in the developing world; ? Understand the Global South and how its trajectory; ? Understand the global food system and how it affects the developing and the developed world; ? Understand the causes, processes, and consequences of global inequality and development; ? Develop your critical thinking and writing abilities.

ESSAY Question: Explain what you see as the key themes that have emerged in this course on The Developing World. What are the most important things you take away from the course? What would you want to learn more about now that you have finished the course?

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