Ohio University Bruno Mars Social Science Paper


Each student should post their rough draft. The draft does not need to be a complete, finished paper, but it must be no fewer than 1.5 pages long.

Along with your draft, please post at least three questions/concerns you have about the draft.

When everyone has posted, the class will go into Breakout Rooms. With a partner, review each other’s work and talk about each other’s questions/concerns.

Type up your feedback and post it as a comment on your partner’s original post.

and this is the paper outlineAnalytical Essay 1 Paper OutlineI. Introduction—a single paragraph of 5-6 sentences.a. Give a broad view of what the paper will analyze and why: Who? What? When? Where?b. State the thesis.i. Make sure the thesis is an analytical claim. ii. Analytical claim = The thesis asserts what specifically makes the song effective/engaging/successful. II. Body paragraphs—5-6 sentences per paragraph.a. Identify the most important aspects of the song and get ready to explain them to the readers.b. Organize the body paragraphs by idea:i. The beginning is where we establish the paragraph’s main idea (usually through a topic sentence in the first or second sentence). ii. The middle is where provide examples, explanation, support, and analysis.iii. The end is where we transition to the next idea (the main idea of the next paragraph).iv. Repeat with each new idea.III. Paragraph tips:a. Pair summary with analysis—get into a rhythm: “Summarize and then analyze what I summarized. Repeat.”b. Don’t get personal—we need to stay away from diving into our feelings.c. Explore any and all aspects of the song—lyrics, tempo, composition, genre, the singer’s/singers’ voice/delivery, etc.IV. Conclusion—5-6 sentences that wrap up the paperAnalytical Essay 1 Paper Outlinea. Don’t just rephrase the introduction; instead, summarize the main points of the analysis (the body paragraphs).b. Consider how others’ analyses may be different.c. Answer “What’s my final verdict on what I’ve analyzed?

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