Ohio University Fingers Crossed Song Discussion

Analysis of Fingers Crossed
Baylee Comer
I chose to analyze the song “Fingers Crossed by Lauren Spencer Smith.” I chose this
song because of the deep emotion and the purpose behind it. The artist used the instruments in
her favor to help the song come across more sorrowful. Also the artist used powerful lyrics that
made her song so appealing to many listeners. I find this song objectively pleasant to listen to
when you have recently gone through heartache or emotional pain. The hit song “Fingers
Crossed” revolves around the pain and suffering that may occur after a heartbreak.
The song displays deep emotion that the artist was feeling that she chose to share with the
world. In the song the author said “Said we’d always put each other first,” this shows that the
artist was feeling betrayed by words that were now untrue. I gathered that by the use of past
tense. To me means that they no longer put each other first or have gone their separate ways.
Later the author says “I want all the tears back that I cried,” and I felt as though the relationship
was causing more mental damage and sadness than joy. The artist poured her heart out into this
song by showing how much she was hurt when things ended.
The purpose of the song is meant to make the person listening realize the hardships from
a relationship, and that they need to move past them. Everybody has at least one person in their
life that they feel as though they wasted time on or felt used. I thought the artist Lauren did an
exceptional job at creating a song from this feeling. When listening to this song anyone can
gather that the artist was in emotional pain, and then they connect the song to a personal
experience or emotion. I think the way Lauren used her personal experience helped many
listeners including myself, feel associated with the songs and the true meaning behind it.
There were not many instruments used in the song “Fingers Crossed.” The one major
instrument used was the piano. The piano is used to give a sad effect to help the singer perform
with more emotion. Although I think the most valuable instrument in the song was Lauren’s
voice. From my point of view, Lauren used her range of voice nicely in order to give the best
appearance of despair. Even though not many instruments were used, I think Lauren was very
effective and efficient when using her voice and the piano.
Lauren used very specific lyrics when writing her song that helped make the song more
appealing. When Lauren said, “when you said you loved me, Well, you must’ve had your fingers
crossed,” I felt deep pain. With those lyrics Lauren is saying that she felt lied to, and betrayed
from what she had been told. Then Lauren said, “Should’ve paid attention to my friends, Tellin’
me how bad it’s gonna end, Always givin’ their opinions, Now I wish I would have listened.” The
artist was feeling regret. I think Lauren was feeling foolish, because her friends could see flaws
in the relationship that she was overlooking.
When listening I felt as though I was going through the same situation, which to me says the
author has done their job correctly.

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