PABICO Businesses Communication Letter

(purpose, audience, information, benefits, objectives, context)
On behalf of the Cultural Studies Institution, we are pleased to inform you, that you have been offered a position
as a Participant in the forthcoming training program, July 1st – 15th, 2022).
As you are working in a reputable university, we would like to offer you and your colleagues the opportunity of
Participation in the Certificate Program will include the participation in the event: communication across cultures
Further information about the program is found under (updated regularly): here
To confirm your position please reply to this email, indicating your full name and that you have accepted the
position offered. Your place will then be reserved once you have transferred the Tuition fee of 745 Euros to the
Cultural Studies Institution. this should be done within the next 10 days. If not, you need to pay a fine for every
day of delay, this is a mandatory regulation due to instruction of the World Health Organization Due to the COVID-
19 situation
The Tuition fee does not include travel costs, housing, living costs, or any other costs involved in the arrival and
stay in Bahrain during the program.
Participants papers – our institution is welcoming participants of the program to submit papers/presentations on
subjects related to the program. The papers can cover any topic within these fields, according to your own
particular interests and passions. Participants can submit work that they have completed in the past for other
purposes, ongoing research, or a paper written specifically for the program. Other participants are welcome to
participate If you wish to submit a paper/presentation to the program, please contact us by sending us the abstract
of the paper and your short Bio.
* Paper Submission is not compulsory
Our institution is looking forward to welcoming you to the Program in Bahrain
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further questions or assistance required.
With warm regards,
on beahlf of CSI Academy (i.A)
Salam Hashim, Head of Communications

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