Pasadena City College Sociology Essay

I have attached my rough draft so you can follow this structure to write the paper READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE!!


  1. After receiving feedback from your Project 3: Sharing & Peer Review, refine your final paper.
  2. Papers must be 3 text pages, 12 pt. using Times New Roman or Arial font, double-spaced. (Do not put an additional blank line between paragraphs by clicking the Enter key twice.)
  3. You must analyze your topic by using one sociological paradigm (one only).
  4. Paper structure: Introduction, Body of Paper (where you discuss your findings), and Conclusion. Be sure to use sociological terms from this course to discuss your topic! After you have conducted your research, you will analyze your information using the following questions as a guide:History: What social problem are you studying? How did it come to be?Participants: Who are the major groups or institutions involved in this problem? Equality and Inequality: Use your sociological knowledge regarding social stratification, race, and ethnicity to explain all of these: Does the social problem affect some members of society more than others? What kinds of disadvantages does the subordinated group experience? Which group or institution is benefitting from that? Theory Analysis: Use only ONE sociological theory (functionalist, conflict, OR symbolic interactionism) to analyze and explain the problem, how it came to exist, and why it still exists.Recommendations: Discuss solutions that have already been tried. Did they have positive effects, negative effects, no effects, or a combination?Identify your own idea for a possible solution for one part of this problem, AND explain why your solution should be researched – what impact do you think your solution would have?
  5. Papers must include at least 5 resources from:sociological journals (at least 1 research article is required)other academic journals (at least 1 research article is required)booksnewspaper articlesnews-magazine articlesinternet sites (videos, interviews, etc.)
  6. Papers must include APA in-text citations and a References list as a separate page. You can find a review of APA format on PCC’s Source Citation resource page.

1. White privilege: White privilege is too common n our society today
and needs to be stopped.
2. White privilege has been going on for a long time and not much
has been done to put a stop to it.
A. If you search up articles or videos that involve white
privilege you would be surprised to see how much is out
there and how often this happens.
B. Powell, Michael. “New York’s Private Schools Tackle White
Privilege. It Has Not Been Easy.” The New York Times, The New
York Times, 27 Aug. 2021,
This article speaks on the white privilege in the New York private school
system. It explains how white privilege needs to be stopped everywhere in
the world, especially school systems.
3. Our society needs to recognize and be more aware of this
problem to help prevent it by telling people they know to spread
A. Thee more this topic is spoken on and kept relevant and
not ignored there wont be as much white privilege
B. This youtube video is an experiment to see how often white
privilege circumstances occur. This is a different approach on
speaking on white privilege and putting an end to it.
Experimenting with White Privilege on Stage – Youtube.
4. Wite privilege is still very common and needs to be put to an end.
A. Families of color have a harder time financially because
of their skin color. This shouldn’t be a problem in our
B. This essay talks about the income of white families and white
poverty. It highlights the details of what families of color go through
and how they have a harder time financially or in any occupational
setting just because of their skin color.
Blacksher, Erika, and Sean A Valles. “White Privilege, White Poverty:
Reckoning with Class and Race in America.” Shibboleth Authentication
Request, Wiley-Blackwell
5. Overall I feel like this problem has been going of for far too long
and needs to be done once and for all. The problem just keeps
reoccuring because individuals do are not aware of the problem or
are aware and don’t do anything about it.

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