The average hourly rated full-time employee makes about $33,000 a year in year. Which broken down to all the time given off, only actually earns about $26,000. As for the employees which are paid through set salaries, the average Individual makes about $40,000 In which only about $33,000 Is worked productively. As we can see, we are losing out about $7,000 per employee, hourly or not. All the given non-productive is the same for all employees across the board. As you can see, this issue needs to be addressed and hence my recommendations. We have 60 employees in our corporate office.
On average, we lose out on about $420,000. 00 a year. We can definitely cut back on some of these non-productive hours and start making them profitable. All employees get 10 days vacation, we can change our probation period from 90 to 120 days, and employees are not allowed to take any time off until they have successfully surpassed 6 months. Furthermore, depending on your start date with the company, we can prorate the amount of vacation time allowed. If you commence In the months of November or December, vacation does not apply being that we go by the calendar year.
In regards to holidays, we can exclude from having he day after Thanksgiving off, this would save us about $9500. 00 for this one day alone and it would increase our productivity during the holiday season which can be very beneficial in our case being that property management companies always have tenants calling into the office right before a major holiday. Moreover, company policy states that there should be 10 days of training for every department. Nevertheless, the training period of 10 days does not need to apply to everyone. I believe that some procedures can be learned in one week as opposed to two.

Training policies should be adjusted depending on department and position. Anyone who Is eager to learn can do it in the allotted time and If this is not the case, other individuals need to be seeded especially If the position Is not entry level. Lastly, another aspect of “non-productive time” which can be reduced Is the minutes on the coffee break. There are currently two dally coffee breaks which are 15 minutes each. We can reduce them to 10 minutes or 5 minutes each and the caffeine addicts would nave no Dados to complain . We would a Know Tanat people are at tenet ease longer Duty enjoying their coffee at the same time.
In conclusion, non-productive time can be educed in a manner that will benefit the company but no upset the employees at the same time. The economy right now is a tough one and no one wants to be out of a Job or get their hours cut back because we all have bills to pay every month. The proposed changes are both realistic and possible. It is Just a matter of presenting it to the employees in a manner in which they understand is needed for the company and beneficial. We can always make comparisons with other companies who have it worse than we do and this would help them see that less non-productive time is better than no non-productive time.

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