PHI 201 Strayer University Week 6 Making an Informed Recommendation Discussion

Week 6 Discussion


For this week’s discussion, apply what you’ve learned about arguments, fallacies, and ethics to the recommendation letter you wrote last week. Complete the following:Copy your original letter from last week. Write one additional paragraph for the letter that includes ethical reasoning for your recommendation. Post this in the discussion board.Refer to your webtext for information on ethical reasoning.Read your classmates’ discussion posts. Choose at least one and identify which ethical perspective (utilitarianism, right-based claims, justice-based claims, virtue-based ethics, ethical relativism) their ethical reasoning best aligns to and why.I have attached the letter from last week. Please see the comments in the letter and address any issues. 1
Assignment 2: Making an Informed Recommendation
LaShundra Small
PHI 201
Professor Christine Barham
May 10, 2021
LaShundra Small
Viewpoint Director
Showcase Products and Service
123 Anywhere St.
Herndon, VA 20170
May 10, 2021
Ms. Janelle Smith
General Manager
Showcase Products and Service
123 Anywhere St.
Herndon, VA 20170
Dear Ms. Smith:
I am writing to you about the theft incident in the company in which a testing scope went missing
after courier delivered it. The security camera shows that the scope was physically delivered to the
company by a courier and was received by one of the employees. I have also gone through the
official incident report, the email from the Inventory Manager, and the Online Auction, which give
crucial information concerning this incident. I have also reviewed an article on theft in the
company to help me understand how to deal with this problem appropriately. According to
(Murray 2018), employees who steal are likely to be the most trusted in a firm. I understand that
the three employees who were on duty when the testing scope went missing are amongst the most
loyal employees we have in the firm and have also been with us for a long time now. However,
based on the information provided by (Murray 2010), we cannot rule out the possibility that one or
all of them might have been involved in the theft of the scope. Therefore, I recommend that the
three employees be suspended for the meantime to allow for a thorough investigation to be carried
out. This is the only way we can get to the bottom of this matter and address it adequately. Thank
Best regards,
LaShundra Small
1. Murray, J. (2018). 5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Employee Theft. Retrieved from

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