PHIL 102 University of Nevada Las Vegas Gun Control Debate Essay

Please watch this video and complete this 3 pages essay. And please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you.

Gun Control Project Guideline
1) Summarize how the specific argument(s) were discussed in the presentation. Be sure to
exercise charity in how you present the argument(s) and its noted criticisms.
2) Offer up a personal commentary on why you think the argument(s) was either not
convincing or was not as strong as it could be. Be sure to integrate the relevant principles
addressed in this course in your commentary.
Mechanics: Here are the instructions for how to manifest your essay:
1) Feel free to utilize any of the essay-writing formats, such as MLA or APA. I recognize that
the different disciplines students major in tend to emphasize one type over another.
2) The format of the document is to be in .doc or .docx (i.e. Microsoft Word). If you are
unable to create this file type, be sure to inquire about what would be an acceptable
3) There must be a title page that consists of a title and your name (any other information is
optional). Accordingly, there is to be no headers or titles or any other redundant marks of
identification in the body of the essay (all of this should already be on the title page).
4) The essay is to be double-spaced and typed in a 12-point font. You may use
any reasonable font such as Ariel, Helvetica, Times New Roman, or Calibri. (Be sure to ask if
you wish to use another font that is more unconventional).
5) Since this is not a research paper, it is not important to include a bibliography unless you
cite material outside of the video content. If you do cite external material, be sure to include
it either as an end note or as a bibliography.
Example: “I disagree with Mr. Smith’s argument where he says, ‘The law says that insane
people should not be punished; and it is obvious that anyone who murders must be insane.
So, murderers should be treated in mental wards, not punished.’ It looks like Mr. Smith is
equivocating on the word ‘insane’ where it means something like ‘legally insane’ in the first
premise; but then it means something more like ‘abnormally cruel’ in the second premise.

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