PHIL 111 Ashford University Philosophy of Human Nature Exam Practice

I need you to answer my final examination, the questions are listed below I will also be providing you with some sources to better help you answer the questions.

here’s a list of many youtube links that will. help you answer the first part and second part of the examination.

Final Examination
Philosophy of Human Nature
Spring 2021
Part I: Short Answer (20 points). Identify/explain each of the following
terms/concepts. Each answer is worth 2 points.
1. Right of Nature
2. Natural Selection
3. Being-Towards-Death
4. The Second Sex
5. State of Nature.
6. Species Being
7. Will to Live
8. Dasein
9. The Error of Free Will
10. Egoism
Part II: Essays (80 Points). Write a well-developed and carefully constructed
essay on each of the following two topics. Be certain to link your discussions up
to the details of the texts. Each essay is worth 40 points.
1. Hobbes, Marx and Darwin each base much of their arguments on the view that
life, and thus history, involves a “struggle” or “competition.” Explain the ways in
which these different philosophers understand the human condition as a product of
some kind of struggle. How do their individual conceptions of human nature fuel
their arguments? More specifically, what are their positions with respect to human
nature, and how do these inform the conclusions they reach?
2. Does human existence have any value? Any purpose? Drawing on your readings,
discuss this issue, especially as it appears in the works of Schopenhauer and
Nietzsche. Students should consider the following: 1. How does Schopenhauer
characterize the human condition? 2. What is his theory of human nature? 3. How
does Nietzsche respond to Schopenhauer’s prescription? 4. What is nihilism?
Extra Credit: (15 points). Do the sexes, or “races,” have different natures? Students
may wish to draw on their readings from Schopenhauer, De Beauvoir, John Stuart
Mill, Frederick Douglas, and/or Darwin.

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