PHIL 120 Orange Coast College Forceful Detention & Expulsion of Immigrants Discussion

Scenario:Guarding the Marketplace

Marvin is in desperate need of food. Perhaps someone has stolen his food, or perhaps a natural disaster destroyed his groups; whatever the reason, Marvin is in danger of starvation. Fortunately, he has a plan to remedy the problem: he will walk to the local marketplace, where he will buy bread. Assume that in the absence of outside interference, this plan would succeed: the marketplace is open, and there are people there who are willing to trade food to Marvin in exchange for something he has. Another individual, Sam, is aware of all this and is watching Marvin. For some reason, Sam decides to detain Marvin on his way to the marketplace, forcibly preventing him from reaching it. As a result, Marvin returns home empty-handed, where he dies of starvation.

What is the proper assessment of Sam’s actions? Did Sam harm Marvin? Did he violate Marvin’s rights? Was Sam’s action wrong?

Questions to consider when responding:

-What is this thought experiment really about in the real world? This was taken from a paper titled, “The ethics of _______,” what do you think that blank word is?

-Once you have figured out what the article is really about, consider: Who is Marvin in the real world? Who is Sam in the real world? What is the marketplace in the real world?

-What is the public policy position this thought experiment is challenging you to adopt? If this is not your public policy position, then what is wrong with the thought experiment? If it is your public policy position, what do you think those who disagree with you will see as the disanalogy in the thought experiment?

=>Then please answers these questions:Is Sam wrong for doing what he did? What about Marvin? Does he have the right to go to the marketplace? Does this thought experiment really highlight the moral issue? Or are there other variables that need to be considered? Given this, what do you think about this real-life scenario, and how does that bear on Marvin and Sam?

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