PHIL 121 SUNY at Binghamton Odd and Even Numbers Questions

The argument:

Diagram, and analyze the following:

“Since the number is either odd or even, it is either truethat the number is odd or truethat it is even. Therefore, something is true but not certain. Either ‘The number of coins now on the train is odd’ is an example of truth without certainty, or ‘The number of coins now on the train is even’ is. We know that one of those two sentences is an example, although we are not in a position to know which of them it is. Zac was incorrect in claiming that truth implies certainty.”

Please identify what kind of argument is used in the excerpt and diagram it. I have attached an example of what the format is supposed to look like. Thank you!

1. Either the industrial system will survive, or it will fail.
2. If the system survives, it will relieve some suffering after great
pain and dehumanization.
3. If the system fails, it will cause great pain.
4. The system will continue to grow until it has failed. (IMPLICIT
5. The larger the system, the more pain that will be caused when it
6. Pain and dehumanization should be stopped. (IMPLICIT PREMISE)
7. Therefore, we should revolt against the system.
2 + 6
3 + 4 + 5 + 6

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