PHIL 1301Introduction to Philosophy Final Exam Questions

Final Exam A – Introduction to Philosophy 1301- Fall Semester 2018Section A
Multiple choice (3 marks)
Write the number of the question and the letter of your answer in your examination booklet.
Only one answer is correct.
1. How can we best describe Kant’s approach to theory of knowledge?
A) Rational
B) Empirical
C) Rational and empirical.
2. What is Descartes’ famous conclusion based on?
A) Heart
B) Doubt
C) Moral duty.
3. What is the basic idea of Idealism?
A) Reason is truth.
B) Only the physical exists.
C) Only ideas and minds exist.
Final Exam A – Introduction to Philosophy 1301- Fall Semester 2018
Section B
You must support your arguments with the information covered in our classes, class notes and course
book ‘About Philosophy’ by Robert Paul Wolff.
Please choose three of the following and write three complete responses.
(60 marks)
1. How is Leibniz’s approach to Rationalism different from Descartes’? What potential problems, if
any, does Leibniz’s approach have? Discuss.
2. With reference to Descartes’ philosophical project, methods, arguments and conclusion how
successful is he in rebuilding all of human knowledge? Discuss.
3. Outline in detail how Universal Ethics is argued. What are the advantages and disadvantages of
this theory? Discuss.
4. Define Empiricism. What differences and similarities are there between Locke and Hume’s
versions of Empiricism? What argument can be made against Empiricism as a whole? Discuss.
5. What does it mean to say humans have a mind-body problem? Outline at least three
approaches to the mind-body problem. Explain how each of these makes us think about the
mind and body relationship differently.
6. Outline in detail how Kant attempts to unite Rationalism and Empiricism. How successful is he?
7. Explain with reference to the thinkers and their theories we have studied over the semester:
What is philosophy and what value it may have?
8. Outline Gilbert Ryle’s argument about language with reference to at least two of his examples.
How do his thoughts help us re-think a traditional understanding of the mind-body relationship?
What criticisms, if any, can be made of his position?
Please write your responses in your examination booklet.
Total Marks:

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