PHILO 101 GCC Political Groups Government Involvement & Moral Theorist Discussion

These contain true or false questions questions and multiple choice questions of philosophy. There are 20 questions in total and I put them in the pdf. The questions can be confusing and tricky so please read carefully. Someone needs to know their philosophy really well to answer these questions. Please put an explanation of your answer.

1. A libertarian would probably be in favor of legalizing marijuana. True or False?
2.In the domain of personal issues, conservatives generally favor more government and
liberals generally favor less government. True or False?
3.Libertarians and conservatives tend to agree about the proper role of the government
in True or False?
4.Jill thinks that prostitution should be legal, and she is in favor of having a payroll tax to
pay for the social security program. Based on these two views, Jill is probably
a.a proponent of “big government” political philosophy
5.Tarzan believes that society would be better if the government would lower taxes and
provide fewer services. He also believes that physician-assisted suicide should be
illegal. Based on these two views, Tarzan is probably
c.a proponent of “big government”
6. While Kant believes that moral truth is determined primarily by emotions, moral sense
theorists believe that moral truth is determined primarily by rationality. True or False?
7. According to moral sense theory, if you feel something is morally right, then it is right
for you; and if you feel that something is morally wrong, then it is wrong for you. In other
words, moral truth is different for each person. True or False?
8. According to moral sense theory, the sentence “slavery is wrong” is true in the same
way that “my car has four wheels” is true: both are true independent of anyone’s
opinion, anyone’s response, anyone’s feelings, or any cultural practice. True or False?
9. Deontological moral theorists and utilitarians both believe that moral truth is
independent of cultural practices. True or False?
10. Both Kant and Mill would agree that it is morally acceptable to steal a bottle of milk
in order to save a human life, even if one’s culture dictates that this behavior is wrong.
True or False?
11. Imagine that Jack is a member of the green group, and he wants to kill everyone in
the orange group. He says that engaging in genocide to exterminate the orange group is
morally right and good. According to moral sense theory, if Jack’s culture dictates that
genocide is good, then there is no neutral standard for determining whether genocide is
right or wrong. True or False?
12. Jane believes that the miracle stories in the Bible provide evidence that God exists.
She also believes that the design we observe in nature indicates that God exists. Jane
is a(n)
e.religious pluralist
13.The main objection to the argument from design is that
a.Religious belief is a matter of faith, not evidence.
b.all religions are metaphorically true.
c.Good consequences make it reasonable to believe in God, so evidence is irrelevant. in nature is the result of an unintelligent process.
14.The argument that the unnecessary suffering we observe in nature indicates that
God probably does not exist. This argument supports the conclusion that
a.The evidence that God exists and the evidence that God does not exist is tied.
b.God probably does not exist.
c.all religions are metaphorically true.
15. Jack was emotionally abused as a child, and he then grew up to be a murderer.
Suppose that we could PROVE that Jack’s murderous behavior as an adult was caused
by- was the inevitable result of- the emotional abuse he suffered as a child. Of the
following, who would conclude that Jack had free will nonetheless?
a.only soft determinists
b.both soft determinists and libertarians
c.only libertarians
16. Hard determinists believe in fate. True or False?
17. In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, the shadows symbolize
a.the way things really are.
b.biological and cultural forces that prevent humans from seeing the truth.
c.the way things appear though it is not reality.
18. All opinions and all beliefs are equally likely to be true. True or False?
19. Descartes’ famous sentence “cogito ergo sum” is important in philosophy because supports the “marketplace of ideas.”
b.It indicates that maturity and psychological health are required for genuine happiness.
c.It is a statement that we all know for sure.
d.It shows that humans get knowledge from sense experience.
20. When dealing with these interesting but difficult questions, it is important to consider
opposing points of view and to then synthesize the truth that is expressed by each side.
This perspective was articulated by
a. Plato in the Republic
b. John Stuart Mill in his book On Liberty
c. Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto
d. Descartes in his book the Meditations

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