Process or Product Goals for schooling & Diversity and Equity Discussion

chapter6 please respond to janis with 190 words

Topic 1: Process or Product

I think learning responds to instructions and is seen as a process. “The purpose of education from the individual’s perspective is to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become self-sufficient and to participate effectively in society.” (Berns, 2016, pg. 206) Learning is a process in which students learn different instructions to help them achieve being self-sufficient and be effective in society. I also think it can be both instinct and instructions because for example, a baby isn’t taught to suck on their mother’s nipple, as well as sucking on a bottle they just are born knowing how to do it. “Both reflexes and instincts help an organism adapt to its environment and do not have to be learned.” Instincts are innate behavior and occur naturally and learning is a change of behavior or knowledge that is a result from experience.

Topic 2: Goals for Schooling

My perspective for Victor Valley Colleges’ goals is that based on the Figure 6.1 Table Victor Valley College meets all the goals listed. When taking my first English class at VVC I felt the professor’s lessons provided me with better intellectual development skills like being able to understand how to critically think as well as having help with my writing at the writing center in which my professor happened to be the person who ran the writing center. “To transmit culture and maintain it , society needs trained people who can assume specialized roles as well as develop new knowledge and technology.” (Berns, 2016, pg. 206) Now I’m not quite sure what it (was but I do know my English professor was going out her way to learn all the different and new English curriculums as well as taking business trips to go meet different people and learn about the different English curriculums. I would say and like to think that Victor Valley college is proficient in meeting all the goals for the schooling in the United States.

Topic 3: Diversity and Equality Schools can meet the diverse needs of individuals while also providing everyone with equal opportunities by maybe creating different culture clubs to make those who are a different race and come from a different way of living so that way they can all mauve feel more at home, I know when I went to Glendora High School they had a bunch of different clubs like, “The Spanish club” and “the french club” when I attend to Spanish club everybody brought a dish of different types of Mexican food and then we either watched a Hispanic movie or read a book in Spanish. It made others feel at home and not so much “out of place” being that it was majority White Americans attending the high school. A great way to meet the diverse needs of the melting pot theory and the cultural pluralism, the melting pot theory was used in the Olympic games where they used a diversity of American athletes, African American athletes, Mexican americans and more to participate in sports that each culture was familiar with. “Advocates of the melting-pot theory believed that the new emerging U.S culture must be built not on the destruction of the cultural values and mores of the various immigrant groups, but on their fusion with existing U.S civilization.” (Berns, 2016, pg. 212) “ Cultural pluralism involves a mutual appreciation and understanding of the culture of various ethnic groups in the coexistence in society of different languages, religions, and lifestyles.“ (Berns, 2016, pg. 212) This method allows unity in diversity.

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