PSYC 6393 Walden University Employee Motivation Problem Statement

PSYC 6393/FPSY 6393/IPSY 6393/DPSY 6393: Capstone
Problem Statement Description and Examples
For the Capstone Project, the problem statement will describe the problem to be
addressed. The following are examples to help illustrate this. The problem
statement should be 1–2 pages. The first paragraph should summarize what is
known about the problem from the research literature, followed by an explanation
about the specific problem focus for the Capstone Project. The problem
statement should describe the Who, What, Where, When, and How of the
specific research problem chosen. The problem statement is a specific
description that narrows a larger topic into a research problem that can be
explored in the scholarly literature.
Poor Problem Statement
There was a problem with the evacuation plan for Hurricane Katrina, and many
people were left without food and water for several days. This caused a big mess
and major controversy for the government. Hurricanes cause a lot of damage
and this one did too. The evacuation plans could not keep the area safe.
There are many “problems” with this problem statement. The problem is not well
defined nor are facts used and cited to support the identified problem. There are
also grammar and academic wording issues.
Better Problem Statement
There have been many efforts to analyze the impact of Hurricane Katrina on
residents in Louisiana. One such effort addresses the evacuation plan for the
residents of New Orleans. The evacuation plan that was in place prior to
Hurricane Katrina was either inadequate or poorly implemented (Fussell, 2015).
Proof of this is found in the fact that many residents were unable to leave New
Orleans prior to the hurricane, which lead to many deaths, injuries, and other
forms of trauma (Fussell, 2015). The focus of this Capstone Project will be to
explore the evacuation plan prior to Hurricane Katrina and provide one potential
solution to the problem. Social change factors include how a better organized
and implemented evacuation plan may change the impact of the next potential
disaster in New Orleans or elsewhere in the country.
Fussell, E. (2015). The long term recovery of New Orleans’ population after
Hurricane Katrina. American Behavior Science, 59(10), 1231–1245.
Note: This is a shortened version. In your problem statement, provide as much
detail as necessary to explain the problem.
©Walden University 2019
Developing a Social Problem into a Research Problem
Developing a Social Problem into a Research Problem
The topic I selected for my capstone project was motivation in the workplace. After
narrowing it down, the specific problem I have come up with is low motivation in the workplace
results in reduced employee performance and productivity. Based on this research problem, the
solution would be: analyzing and resolving employee demotivation in the workplace. Not only
did I find this topic interesting but I also selected it because it is one of the biggest problems
facing organizations across the world. Even though employee motivation is a key issue in the
workplace, it is given the attention it deserves. Many organizations are struggling to achieve as
the percentage of employees worldwide who feel engaged in their work has remained low over
the years. Top motivation statistics reveal that about 39% of workers across the world do not feel
appreciated at work while only 15% have reported that they feel fully engaged in their
workplaces. Research has shown that engaged workers are over 80% less likely to resign from
their workplaces (Shaban et al., 2017). However, the number of employees resigning from their
companies has continued to increase over the years, something that shows how important
motivation is in the workplace. Therefore, I selected this particular problem because I want to
develop a better understanding of why many organizations are struggling to have it addressed.
There is no doubt that the findings of this research problem will be of great importance to
me and to organizations. According to Bawa (2017), employees are more likely to work better
and perform well if they are motivated. Consequently, the manner in which an organization treats
its employees can adversely or positively impact its performance and productivity. Workers tend
to engage in meaningful work when they are well motivated, which ultimately result in improved
efficiency and overall productivity.
On the same note, increased employee engagement results in increased profitability. As
argued by Bawa (2017), highly engaged employees increase the profitability of an organization
by over 20%. Employees are always willing to give their best and ensure improved efficiency
when they are well motivated, thus resulting increased output, reduced turnover rates, and better
relationships. Increased employee motivation also increases employee performance and
productivity by reducing employee motivation. From the findings of Bawa (2017), the lack of
motivation in the workplace increases the rates of absenteeism, which ultimately reduces the
team’s productivity level. The fact that the percentage of engaged employees worldwide has
remained low shows how big this problem is. Although employers understand how important
improved motivation is to the success of their organizations, many are unaware of the factors
causing demotivation. Therefore, the findings of this research problem will inform decisionmaking in organizations as they will now develop a better understanding of the factors causing
low motivation and the strategies they should adopt to keep their employees motivated (Shaban
et al., 2017).
Another way in which low motivation in the workplace result in reduced performance
and productivity is that it causes poor communication, which eventually result in poor customer
service. Demotivated employees are less likely to communicate and relate well with one another
and the customers they serve. In fact, many of them do not care if they are serving their clients
well or not. They do not see the need to communicate well with others, including their managers.
Worse still, demotivated employees do not care about the success of vision of the company.
Therefore, organizations must find ways to keep their teams motivated to ensure effective
customer service and improved performance. Other effects of low employee motivation include
the inability to overcome adversity and apathy for job (Shaban et al., 2017).
Bawa, M. A. (2017). Employee motivation and productivity: a review of literature and
implications for management practice. International Journal of Economics, Commerce
and Management, 12, 662-673.
Shaban, O. S., Al-Zubi, Z., Ali, N., & Alqotaish, A. (2017). The effect of low morale and
motivation on employees’ productivity & competitiveness in Jordanian industrial
companies. International Business Research, 10(7), 1-7.

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