Psychology Question

a. Discuss your observations about the foundational principles supporting this theory. Choose one or more of the identified principles and speak about how they do or don’t ‘connect’ or make ‘fit’ for you. (e.g. I appreciate that there are ‘patterns’ – or ways of responding or being in relationship that tend to repeat. I think people can get stuck and need therapy to help them get unstuck)

b. Discuss the theory of psychopathology – why people get sick – reflect and note what you think about that and feel free to disagree (e.g. I don’t believe that all our relationship and other problems can be traced back to childhood experiences as the psychodynamic theorists propose, I think a focus on the future makes more sense than a focus on the past, especially as I think about work with children….)

c Discuss your thoughts about the therapeutic process from this perspective – including discussion of one or more elements of practice described in your text. (e.g. I don’t like the way a psychodynamic therapist ‘interprets’ everything like a complete expert – as if the client doesn’t know anything. As a counselor I hope to trust my clients to be partners as we work to make their life more the way they want it.)

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