Rabdan Academy Social Science Country Missions and Wealth Question

Essay #2: Your Workplace Write a 2-page report on your daily activities. You can either writea narrative of the different projects you have been asked to do, or a daily report. Include a
reflection on your work unit. How does your unit/units, if you have rotated, fit? into the
overall mission of the institution where you work?
The Message:
Strengthening the position of the United Arab Emirates through effective diplomacy that
promotes security, stability and development. Excellence in providing services and caring for
citizens abroad
The Vision
Cooperation and coexistence to achieve stability and prosperity in the region and the world
Providing support and following up the progress of priority initiatives in the Ministry.
2. Provide framework and advice to departments and country missions abroad upon request,
taking into account risk analysis.
3. Provide support with regard to opportunities to develop performance and regulations
related to projects and initiatives and their management.
4. Submit reports on the implementation status of priority initiatives to the higher leadership.
5. Studying proposals related to strategic goals and initiatives and making recommendations to
the governing body
Develop a structure and framework for operational rules and develop and update processes
and work procedures.
2. Provide support with regard to opportunities to develop performance and implement
improvement opportunities related to institutional excellence.
3. Managing the procedures of the Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Excellence in
Governmental Performance and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Award for Excellence, and working to achieve their requirements.
4. Suggesting a methodology and coordinating awards for honoring the Ministry’s employees,
and working to achieve its requirements in coordination with the concerned authorities.
5. Supporting the development of institutional initiatives and smart transformation services in
Develop and manage the strategic planning process for the ministry and ensure that the
ministry’s plans are aligned with the federal government’s strategy.
2. Develop performance measurement mechanisms and support departments in implementing
these mechanisms.
3. Provide support with regard to performance development opportunities and implementation
of improvement opportunities related to performance measurement.
4. Submit reports related to performance measurement to the senior leadership and make
appropriate recommendations in this regard.
5.Manage the development process and propose updating the organizational structure of the
ministry in line with the modernization of the strategy, in coordination with the ministry’s
Managing the process of developing and following up the objectives of the heads of missions in
coordination with the concerned missions and sectors in the ministry.
2. Managing the performance measurement process for missions and submitting periodic
reports to leadership in addition to providing support regarding mission-related performance
development opportunities.
3. Managing the development process and updating the missions’ organizational structure.
4. Develop and follow up the implementation of the mechanisms related to the governance of
missions and the systems associated with them.
5. Providing the outputs of the missions strategy to the Council of the Diplomatic and Consular
Managing the development process and proposing to update the organizational structure of
the ministry in coordination with the ministry’s agencies.
●Developing and following up the implementation of mechanisms related to the governance of
the performance of organizational units and related systems.
●Managing the performance system associated with the Office of the Presidency of the Council
of Ministers.
● Reviewing performance indicators with other departments, and the mechanism of reversing
them in my administration system.
●Manage projects related to topics within the scope of the department.
Shared daily calls (professional sector)
●Developing action plans for the priority initiatives that are followed up in the department and
activating the relevant indicators.
● Annual audit of indicators of all kinds, in coordination with the Office of the Presidency of the
Council of Ministers.
Preparing and sending periodic performance reports.
Providing recommendations related to my management system and related systems.
● Regular meetings and workshops to discuss development opportunities to measure
performance and related outputs.
Coordination between missions and specialized departments on priority issues
●Reviewing mission indicators (monthly)
●Reviewing and incorporating mission objectives into the system (annual)
●Follow up missions inquiries regarding KPIs and targets
Coordination of the weekly call between missions and the political sector
●Following up the evaluation of mission objectives related to priority initiatives with the
initiative leader
About the performance measurement system
For each department/organizational unit, two types of indicators are defined and developed:
Strategic indicators: These indicators measure the extent to which the ministry has achieved
the strategic objectives and have the greatest weight when calculating the management’s
performance result
Operational indicators: These indicators measure the level of efficiency and effectiveness in the
departments, provided that they include the measurement of all the main tasks of the
departments, in addition to the performance measures that are used to calculate performance
indicators or for the purposes of measuring workload.
Strategic performance indicators are set at the beginning of the strategic cycle and are
reviewed periodically, in coordination with all parties in the ministry (sector heads, department
managers) and approved by the higher leadership.
Department managers, their deputies, department heads and employees are evaluated mainly
based on the extent to which they achieve the indicators of the departments to which they
The Strategy and Future Department sends a reminder to all departments to send the results,
at least one day before the specified date for delivering the results of the performance
indicators. The deadline is one working day after the end of the month for the monthly
indicators, and three working days after the end of the quarter for the quarterly, semi-annual
and annual indicators.
2. The departments enter the results of the performance indicators and attach the records of
the necessary evidence on my administration system within the specified period, and in the
event that the administration fails to deliver on the specified day or a completely different
record is attached to the relevant indicator, a result of (0%) will be calculated and this result is
final and cannot be modified for That period.
3. The Strategy and Future Department reviews the results and evidence received and approves
them on the system in three stages as mentioned in the above illustration. In the event of any
errors or deficiencies that lead to a change in the entered result (or cancellation), the
concerned department is contacted through The e-mail, provided that this department
responds to the notice of the Strategy and Future Department within one working day, after
which the Strategy and Future Department makes a decision about the result of the indicator
on the system. From the result of the indicator
Establish corrective actions by the system once it is installed
The system will send notifications via e-mail to the director/deputy director of the department
Hold a meeting to discuss corrective actions
Update the system and take corrective actions
•Notifications will be sent only when there are corrective actions that need to be taken.
The system puts the director of the department as responsible for the closure and can be
updated by the coordinator of the strategy department.
During the meeting, the coordinator from the Strategy Department presents a proposal on how
to close the procedure, whether a target modification or an amendment to the
mechanism. etc.
The closing date and the responsible person will be determined, and the system will be updated
• In the event that the nature of the indicator allows obtaining a result exceeding 93%, a note
must be added by the strategy coordinator and specifying the status of the procedure
“removed pending approval”.
The closing date of the procedure should not exceed three months.
The system will establish corrective measures based on the governance mechanism, whether at
the level of the general performance of the administration or at the level of indicators,
periodically as soon as the management system is installed

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