response introduction to arts

1.(Rebecca)Reality tv shows are all the craze these days. The Voice is popular for singers much like Dancing with the Stars is popular for dancing. Shows like these play a major role in today’s world. It is easy to say these shows almost give a young star a golden ticket, however those performers are still working really hard to make it to where they need and want to be. Those looking to audition for Dancing with the Stars have a role of encouragement for these performers. They are still practicing day in and day out hoping to nail that routine to impress the judges. But they are also aware that they’re on television; EVERYONE is watching. I think reality shows are keeping up with modern times and helping keep the art alive with as many eyes on it as possible. Dancing With the Stars are celebrities dancing with partners and entering to win. It is fun to see those we may not think can dance, actually dance. They are practicing and get those steps just right. They are also bringing viewers in to watch that may not necessarily be watching had they not been on it. Their fanbase helps keep them interested, which introduces that viewer with a routine or style of dance they may not have been interested in beforehand I think shows like these are great, as I stated with modern times, it is a fun way of keeping people interested in the art and introducing others into it as well.

2.(Hayley)Professional dancers have always had a specific look to maintain as an expectation from the audience. The things these dancers do to obtain a expected look are intense and many of time break them down mentally as well as physically. In the video, Misty explains that the desired look audiences expect to see from these dancers are primarily very thin, white woman. She explained that growing up she had a hard time excepting the color of her skin in the dance world because she was different from the other dancers. “Woman in ballet have been told to lighten their skin, to shade their nose in a certain way so that they look white.” This quote Misty said during her interview shows how demanding and how wrong the ballet industry was back then. This also shows how much pressure dancers had to look a certain way or to have a specific aesthetic in order to continue their dancing careers. Misty said that she felt alone in the industry because she was singled out for the color of her skin and was not able to preform in certain acts. This interview has taught me how dancers with different skin tones were treated and how awfully demanding these industries were.



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