According to Schrader, (2019), Every marketing team leader dream of the performance stage: easy distribution of duties, effective execution of individual roles, and streamlined procedures that play to each team member’s talents. This is the stage at which innovation can take place. But you won’t get there until you first go through the forming-storming-norming steps. That’s because your team must understand each other and cooperate on the best way to approach tasks so that they may make the most of their abilities while also being prepared to deal with unforeseen challenges or constraints.

The performing stage does not imply that failures do not occur, but rather that your team is prepared for them and capable of absorbing them and attempting to find answers rather than blaming one other. Members of the team are receptive to constructive feedback (Schrader, C. (2019).

Research team-building activities and identify two appropriate activities for your designated formation stage.

The performance formation stage includes various activities that may be utilized to construct a team. The two which attracted my interest are. “Sweet spot” and solo storming. In the “sweet spot,” group development group members are more concerned with work than with personal difficulties. They can function well both together and alone. Leadership and other responsibilities have been defined and are working well together. The team is enthusiastic about their job and takes pleasure in it. Every group does not reach this stage. However, depending on the level of the group, a performance group of young people requires less supervision; the adult partner’s job shifts to answering questions, suggesting ideas, and aiding. It does not, however, need any less concentration. This is the time to maintain developing and exercising necessary abilities to keep them engaged, valued, and moving ahead.

The solo-storming consist of writing a question on a whiteboard or flip chart paper. Provide the youngsters with little pieces of paper or post-it notes and pencils and ask them to each solo-storm (brainstorm separately) as many different answers to the topic as they can, including serious, humorous, or impossible ones, and write one thought on each piece of paper. Here are some examples of possible questions (Schrader, C. (2019).

Create a new activity you would use as part of team building for a team in your designated stage of development.

The new activity I would utilize to establish a team in the performing formation stage is named “BALLOON POPPER.” This activity requires all team members to write down questions on small pieces of paper. Fill a balloon with one question and inflate it. People should pop the balloons to get the question, and everyone should answer the group with their questions. This activity would be beneficial for teams to engage in process skills critical for processing information, analyzing, and coming up with solutions, as well as leadership skills using roles within groups, and clinical judgment involved in evaluating options to make decisions about their group’s final answer.




Hello class,


My assigned stage is the final stage known as the adjourning stage. The adjourning stage is when a project or objective has come to an end. It is important to acknowledge the adjourning stage so that team members can see the result of their project and feel closure. Being organized and having a clear plan in place are key factors for a project or goal to be successful (Burton, 2003). If a team does not have a clear set of ideals, then failure is likely to occur. The adjourning stage can also include if there is a team member leaving or a new team member will be joining the group. It is sometimes described as parting ways for the team.

According to there are five tasks that should be completed during this adjournment stage. Task 1 is to review team achievements. Task 2 is to evaluate lessons learned. Tasks 3, 4, and 5 are acknowledge members for their cooperation, celebrate the success, and finally cope with change. The website also listed 10 different activities that can be done during the adjournment stage. One activity is a recognition dinner. It is important to acknowledge team members and specifically what they did for the team or project. Making a team member feel special and that they made a big contribution to the project will make the team member want to participate in other projects. Another activity suggested is called Change Seats. Everyone will sit in a circle and an object will be placed in the center. Everyone will observe the object for some time and then they will change seats and observe again from a different angle. The group will then be asked if they noticed any differences in the object. This activity is a good way to discuss when there is a management change (, 2022). An activity that I have thought about it is a team building obstacle course. The team could work together to get through the many challenges that the course offers. Working together to get through the course builds trust and allows everyone to be heard. Sometimes teams need to talk ideas out and work through situations to complete projects.






· Is the activity explained in sufficient detail to repeat the activity? If not, articulate what additional information you would need to repeat the activity.

· Is the activity appropriate for the level of group formation stage? Why or why not?

· Is this an activity you would deem a good team building activity? Why or why not?

· Address the financial impact of staff strife or staff replacement due to termination of employment.

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