Rowan University Being Single Discussion

  1. Read:Eric Klinenberg on Going SoloMy partner and I have been together for 4 years – here’s why we will never get married.
  • The Miracle of Motherhood: More Single Women Have Babies
  • Cohabitation Before Marriage
  • Going Solo, Eric Klinenberg
  • Sexual Orientation: A Spectrum of Attraction
  • Queer People 16-65 Talk About Identity
  1. DQ (Discussion Question) 8: Create your initial 250-300 word post on the DQ 8 Discussion Board in response to the following question(s). Your post must include examples and information from this week’s readings that help to explain and support your statement. It also must include at least two (2) in-text citations from your textbook or any of the other course material (e.g. lectures, videos, articles, etc.) covered throughout the week.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of being single. Consider whether there is an optimal length of time or age to be single and discuss the social and personal consequences of remaining single for a lifetime.

After posting, return to the board and read over the posts of your fellow classmates. Choose at least two (2) classmates and create a post responding to his/her initial post on the Discussion Board. Each response post should be between 100-150 words and must further the discussion by following the RISE Model for meaningful feedback.

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