Sanford Brown College Hurricane Victims Discussion

M o d u l e 0 4 D i s c u s s i o n – Su p p o r t i n g D i s a s t e r V i c t i m sDisasters are typically unexpected events, such as floods, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and
earthquakes. Victims of these events often have difficulty with the after-effects and may be in the need of
crisis intervention. Consider the scenario below, then follow the instructions underneath it to complete the
After the Hurricane
Hurricane Roxanne made landfall, and the impact of this Category 4 hurricane was devastating to many
of the residents of Mayonnaise, Mississippi. As a Human Services Professional, you volunteered to
support survivors of this event by providing crisis counseling. As a first responder, you are in awe and
encounter Joe and Melissa who are both crying while staring at their destroyed trailer-home.
In your initial post, address the following:
1. Explain how you would provide professional assistance for victims of the disaster.
2. In your opinion, what would be important for first-responders to keep in mind when actively
engaged with survivors?
Review the posts made by your classmates. Choose someone who has not already received a reply, and
offer an alternate approach for your classmate to consider. Suggest a resource that would support
survivors of an event like this in the U.S.
Yer Xiong
Module 04
To provide the best assistance to these victims right after a disaster as this one is to make
sure they are not hurt anywhere that may need medical assistances right away. Then make
sure they have new clothing to wear and food to eat. Finding a safe place so they can
rest. Making sure their basic needs are met.
The first responders should keep in mind when they meet with survivors are making sure
they are not in pain, hurt, bleeding anywhere, if so they need to get those wounds taken
care of. Then making sure they being transported to a safe location where they can be safe,
where there is food to eat and clothing to change. The other first time first responders need
to do is make sure there is no other people they need to make sure that may be out there
and need help to get them out to safety.

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