Saudi Electronic University Communications Management Paper

Learning Outcomes:1. Analyze effective business letters, memorandums, and case studies.
2. Perform all communication abilities, including thinking, writing, speaking, listening,
and assessing the technology.
Assignment Question(s):
Part 1: Case Analysis
Read the discussion forum below, which shows several employees’ posts about how to develop
a better performance review system. Then, answer the questions that follow.
Jackson: Hi team, this week we’ll use this forum to discuss our performance review system.
Specifically, we want to explore the benefits and drawbacks about the timing of our reviews.
Currently, our reviews are conducted annually. The HR team wants to know what we think about
quarterly reviews. The HR team wants us to share our views with them by September 10.
Cynthia: I’ve never experienced quarterly reviews before, so it’s hard for me to say if that’s better.
My hunch is quarterly reviews would be more fair and helpful. But, I also assume they take a lot
of extra time for our managers. @Erin I think your last company held quarterly reviews. What are
your experiences with more frequent reviews? Has anyone else worked at a company with more
frequent reviews? Tell us what it was like.
Erin: @Cynthia your assumptions match my experience. I enjoyed getting more frequent feedback.
But, when I was a manager, it was a crushing responsibility because the company expected me to
conduct the reviews without lightening my load elsewhere. @Nigel thanks for sharing your
experiences with monthly reviews. You mentioned the reviews are more like check-ins that don’t
require so much time by the managers. Totally makes sense to me. @Vilma also think your
comments about adding peer reviews makes a lot of sense and relieves managers.
Nigel: Hi all, there’s one discussion point I hope we can meet in person (or by online conference)
to discuss. I appreciate the HR team wants our input about the frequency of reviews, but I’m
worried that we’re not addressing one of the problems: perceived fairness of the reviews. I believe
in 15 minutes, we could work out a few common concerns to share with the HR group from our
whole team.
Jackson: Thanks for your comments, team. Overall, here are what I think are the key take-aways:
(a) we want more feedback, so quarterly reviews may be helpful; (b) we don’t want to create an
unreasonable burden on managers; and (c) we want more conversation around objectivity and
fairness of the reviews. At this point, I propose I draft our comments into a short report for your
review. I also suggest we set up a one-hour
1. Identify five strategies used in this online forum. (3 Marks)
2. What are the main differences and similarities between blogs and forums? (1 Mark)
3. In your point of view, do you think this forum is an effective or ineffective forum?
Why? (1 Mark)
Part 2: Writing Exercise
Anne Jenkins is a finance manager for J.L.N. Used Cars (JLN), a used-car business with about 30
dealerships. She is in charge of running the company’s financing program. She sets terms for loans
provided through the dealerships. She also manages a team that works directly with dealerships to
ensure that loans are promoted and granted appropriately. On Anne to-do list for the day, she has
several writing tasks.
Anne needs to be efficient with her writing thus she hires you to help her writing in
one of the following options: (5 Marks)
Option 1: Recently, Anne was reimbursed for several trips she took, but the company did
not cover several of her expenses. She wants to write an email to the personnel director
requesting compensation for mileage in which she used her own auto for several recent
work trips. Help Anne to write a claim Message. OR
Option 2: Anne wants to send a memo to dealership managers about changes to financing
eligibility. Help Anne to write an announcement regarding these changes. OR
Option 3: Anne wants to better understand the customer profile of those who choose to
finance their car purchases through the dealerships. She wants the dealership managers to
ask three questions of these customers during the upcoming month and then provide her
with the responses. Help Anne to write a request message.
1. Answer2. Answer3. Answer4. Answer-

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