Scholarly Activity

1. Open your current course project document, A Pollution Prevention Plan (P3) Pre-Assessment Study, from Unit V and review your grading feedback from your professor.

2. Make all necessary changes to update and correct your Unit V work, pursuant to your grading feedback.

3. Under the sixth level 1 (centered, bold) heading titled Pollution Prevention Technologies, re-create the table below to identify and align available pollution prevention (P2) control technologies for our project’s scenario. Provide at least two P2 control technology options for each ecosystem disturbance identified and bulleted in the table.

4. Be sure to consider the four Rs (reclamation, remediation, rehabilitation, and restoration), as well as your previously tabulated total maximum daily load (TMDL) limits, when selecting your control technology options.

5. Also, cite every control option in the table, using the CSU Citation Guide as your APA citations style guide

6. Under the Abstract heading on p. 2 of the project document, write a maximum of one sentence that reflects what you have addressed in the document for this particular unit. (Remember that we are continuing to add to the abstract with a single sentence for each mini-project assignment). Be sure to keep the abstract blocked (not indented) and double-spaced.

7. Leave the rest of the template blank after adding information for this unit. Remember that you will complete the final section (under the remaining level 1 heading) during our next unit’s assignment.

8. Under the References heading on the last page, update your references to include the source references that you used to inform your work in this section of your project.

9. You must use your textbook and at least one additional scholarly source (either a book or a scholarly journal article from the CSU Online Library databases) for each section of this document. Each of your sections’ content must be at least one full page in length, in Times New Roman 12-pt. font, double-spaced, with 1” margins.

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