SDCC Conflict Theory In My Highschool Presentation

Storytime with Sociology: Social Problems 110 – (70-point assignment)

This assignment will allow you to be creative and gain a deeper understanding of the material by demonstrating your comprehension through storytelling.

For this assignment, you will take your social problem from part 1 and create a fictional story exemplifying the problem.

You will need a Title slide

A slide or two telling me your theory (Conflict) and why you are using it to address the social problem from Part 1. You will be using this theoretical framework (Wealth, Income Inequality & Poverty, Racial & Ethnic Inequality)

On My First Day of School…
Written by Jeremias Hernandez
Illustrated by Moy Lee
For my book, I choose to showcase Conflict theory and Looking Glass
theory. When it comes to children of undocumented parents, more
often than not, they are at risk of having a poor education experience
due to multiple barriers that are structured in the education system,
for example, unequal education opportunities due to language barriers
or socio-economic class. They also have to overcome hurdles at home
like poverty, separation of families, and constant fear of deportation.
Another theory I also choose to showcase was Looking Glass theory
and that is because children of undocumented parents base their
self-worth and self-esteem on how they believe others view them.
Ring Ring! I run to the living
room to pick up the phone.
It’s mamá she called to wish
me good luck tomorrow. You
see, tomorrow I start school!
On the phone, I tell mamá I
am excited but nervous to go
to school. I tell her how I wish
she could be home with me.
She tells me not to be worried.
She knows I will have fun and
make a lot of new friends. She
tells me she loves me and that
she will call me at the end of
the day to see how my first
day of school went.
The day arrives, and I follow my mamás
instructions. I wake up early, change,
brush my teeth and eat. Mamá was the
one that would always cook, but because
she isn’t home and papá can’t cook, I
serve myself some cereal.
I then rush out the door to find a group
of adults walking their kids to school. I
follow behind so that I won’t get lost.
When I arrive at school, I see all the
parents taking pictures of their
children—hugging them and wishing them
a good day. All the girls have pretty dresses
and brushed hair. I don’t look like them
and my hair is tangled. Some adults look at
me with pity. Others only whisper, and even
though I can’t hear them, I know they
wonder where my parents are.
During class, I kept getting in
trouble because I did not know
my ABCs and 123s in English. I
think the teacher thinks I’m not
very bright, so I timidly hide
from her, hoping that she no
longer calls on me.
All the excitement I felt this
morning is now gone.
I end up getting sent outside the
classroom because I got up to
use the restroom without
permission, but I don’t know
how to ask for permission in
As I wait in the lunch line, I see kids staring at
me. I inspect myself up and down and think,
can they tell my shoes are not new? Or do they
know that my clothes are hammy-downs from
my older cousin Lisbeth?
I can’t wait to go home and hide under the
pillows. My first day of school is not how
mamá and I imagined it.
I want to go home. To a home where I can live
with mamá and papá together. A home where
mamá can brush my hair and put a pretty
dress on me. Where she can make me a
delicious warm breakfast just like before.
I bend down and cry.
As I sat there crying, I heard a
voice calling me in Spanish. It’s
a girl from another class. She
asks me why am I crying? I tell
her that I am not having fun at
school and that I miss my
mamá. She tells me it will get
better. That she too missed her
mamá y papá when they had to
leave her last year but that her
mamá came back last week.
She then asked if I wanted to
play? I nodded my head, and
off we went to the grassy field
to chase each other. For the
remainder of the day, I no
longer felt alone. Mamá was
right. I did have fun, and the
best thing of all was I made a
new friend.
Ring Ring! I run to the living room to pick up the
phone. It’s mamá she asks me how my first day of
school went.
I say, “I loved it.”
Reference Page
Behance. “Memories-02.” Behance,

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