Seattle University Speech Organization Report

View & Analyze Speaker Report

View & Analyze Speaker ReportView & analyze a Speaker: choose a recorded speech (presidents, professionals, etc…..via internet, resource link, live) view and analyze the speaker and his/her environment. Discuss specific speech organization, compelling introduction and conclusion, delivery skills, use of visual aids, physical environment, and interaction with the audience. Point out in brief detail what worked and did not work for discussion, based off text and your perspective (1/2 to full PAGE).*Responders respond with feedback 


Here is an example from another student do not use this only use it as a guide to help you complete the assignment.

Rachel E- Speaker Report

I decided to analyze Denzel Washington’s Commencement Speech to Dillard University in 2015. His introduction of his speech, started with saying he had three main points in his speech and he would say what they were as the speech went on. He used humor in his speech, but it didn’t take away from the message that he was trying to tell the audience. He also interacted with his audience a little bit, and he made his speech was relatable for them. He organized his speech into those three points and after each point he would give a story about it. For example, one of his main points was to put God first, and he shared a story where he was at his mom’s work and a lady said he was going to travel the world and speak to millions of people, and he stated that, that is exactly what he’s been doing. He explained that God makes sure you don’t do things by yourself. Regardless of how famous he is, that didn’t distract the audience from the message of his speech. He established eye contact throughout the whole speech, and when he looked down to look at his notes it was very brief to just get the idea of what he was going to say.

Although, Denzel is famous and a lot of the time famous people are hard to relate to, he shared stories and personal experiences that the audience could relate to,  and also the audience was paying attention to what he was saying. He didn’t have any visual aids and those might of helped him establish his points into greater detail. However, he did speak with his hands a lot and was shown to be a confident speaker. His delivery skills were good because he made sure to stick to his main points and he wouldn’t go off on totally different tangent. The main purpose of his speech was to motivate the audience and congratulate them on graduating. He also did a good job making the speech interesting. He said in the beginning, that he knew speeches during graduation were often long and boring, so he wanted to make his somewhat short and to the point.

His conclusion summarized what he had said previously said in his speech, and he ended it with telling the audience that they can easily make a difference. For this speech I feel like that was good way to end it because throughout the speech he was trying to motivate them. Denzel organized this speech very well and his delivery of his ideas were also good. This speech was nice to analyze because it was professional and well thought out.

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