Darius Dualuqua 9/6/2012 Fundamentals of Writing 098-125 WHAT IT’S ABOUT? The articles discuss the lifestyles of young college students loving and enjoying the pros and cons that come with living on campus and collage social lifestyle. It heavily speaks about the amount of hookups that transpire between both sexes on college campuses. It speaks about something that has taken uprising since the mid-1960s and had since grown into a big scene and has come to dominate the social scene on college campuses. Some of the main idea would be how the consumptions of alcohol dismiss the fear of inhibition and also lead to a risky sexual behavior.
SUPPORT/MAIN IDEA The author gives us a lot reason why hookups are so rampant on campuses and what’s fueling that drive. In the article the author state and give several reason from what causes the hookup to the sexual drive that one gets when intoxicated. First the author provides us with a time back when a lot of these mistakes started to happen, back in the mid-60s when huge amount of students began living on campuses same sexes living in close proximity and alcohol started being part of the mixture.
The author also gives us details in paragraph 5 what are some of the benefits into college lifestyle hooking up. “There’s no string attached between partners, hooking up is not just about sex, it also a way for student to find relationship after an initial hookup” also in the 8 paragraph, the author speak about how alcohol was a huge influence on a lot of the hooking up. Furthermore give students a reason to be out of control and make poor decisions saying “I was drunk”.

ANALYZE This article is very important not just only to college a young freshman who’s looking into moving on campus for the fun of the social lifestyle of school but also for parents who have their child on college campus and don’t have a clue to what’s happening on campus. This article give us details on how this have become a huge epidemic and how the alcohol and hooking up on college campuses lifestyle have come to dominate the social scene on a lot of school campuses.
This article has a lot of facts and key point that raises a lot of eyebrows on the college lifestyle that a lot of parents don’t get to see. However, the author give is some ideas in paragraph 13 that might be meaningful and helpful to solving this epidemic that has been going on for decades, however if this have been going on for so long, when will the administrators of our school system start to find an solution to these problems. I guess only time will tell. It will either get worst or someone will continue to write about the hookups and sexual assaults that are being fueled by the alcohol.

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