SOC 101 Sociology Essay

Answer one each of the four sets of short answer essay questions. That is one question based on each chapter we have read. Each of your answers should be at least 400 words long, reflect that your are familiar with the concepts as they are presented in the readings, and can apply those concepts to examples.

1-Describe a scenario where an authoritarian leadership style would be beneficial. Explain. What are the reasons it would work well? What are the risks?


Compare and contrast two different political parties, Republicans and Democrats (these political parties are private sector and NOT government organizations). How do the groups differ in terms of leadership, membership, and activities? How do the group’s goals influence participants? What in-groups and out-groups have been created?

2-Identify a situation in which informal negative sanctions are used to control behavior. To what acts of deviance are the sanctions directed? What form do the sanctions have? Is this an effective form of social control? What would you change and why?


Pick a celebrity, famous politician, or business leader who has been arrested recently. What crime did he or she allegedly commit? Who was the victim? Why and how does should this person be punished. What role does the person’s celebrity play?

3-What defines communities that have low status consistency? What are the ramifications, both positive and negative, of cultures with low status consistency? Give specific examples to support your ideas.


Consider social stratification from the symbolic interactionist perspective. How does social stratification influence the daily interactions of individuals? How do systems of class, based on factors such as prestige, power, income, and wealth, influence your own daily routines, as well as your beliefs and attitudes? Illustrate your ideas with specific examples and anecdotes from your own life and the lives of people in your community.

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