SOC 308 HSB Effect of Incarceration on The Parent Child Relationship Research

write a thesis for a research paper ,

This would be the hypothesis that I would try and prove.

Watching too much tv is the independent variable and lower grades is the dependent variable. The Independent affects the dependent, and dependent goes up or down.

Professor Irvine
Sociology 308
Below is a sample of an outline that you may want to use to structure your research
paper. Creating an outline before your start your paper will guide you inn your
research for references. Revising your outline while you develop your paper will help
you to stay focused and address all the aspects of your topic/research question.
Your outline can be as detailed as you need it to be. The one below presents the
information in an organized manner so that the author can begin to develop the
paper with a clear direction. A great way to organize the information found in the
references is to use the same numbering/lettering on both the outline and the
reference itself. For instance, I can mark all the information related to the emotional
impact, specifically separation anxiety, with a 1A so that when I go to write that
section of the paper, I just look for all the 1A’s to easily locate all that information.
Research Paper Outline
Negative Impacts of Incarceration on
the Mother-Child Relationship
1. Emotional Impact
A. incarcerated
mothers often feel
separation anxiety
from newborns
B. they often
experience severe
depression and
C. they report feeling
guilt, shame, low selfesteem
2. Psychological
A. the mental stress is
often severe. Many
mothers seek
B. they feel they
cannot be a good
mother from prison
(role strain)
C. children are often
confused and angry
3. Social Impact
A. mothers are often
given heavier
sentences due to
the social standard
of the mother-role
B. when released
these women and
their children are
often stigmatized by
family, peers, social

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