SOC 31 CUNY Kingsborough Race Gender Work and Social in American Society Class Essay

3-5 pages about race, gender work and social class in everyday American society.

Due Date
Points Possible
Tuesday, May 12, 2020
11:00 PM
For your second paper, you will examine the ways race, social class, and gender work, both separately and together, to shape individuals’
experience in American society. You can examine examples from your own life, the life of a public figure, or just speak to these issues in a
more theoretical and abstract way. How are these concepts constructed and enforced by society? Where do you see inequality and unequal
treatment in U.S. society around race, class, and gender?
A strong paper will define each of the relevant course terms with citations from our course readings (not the dictionary or wikipedia) and
bring in theories and concepts from the course readings from weeks 6-8. Your paper should provide well analyzed examples and anecdotes
that are supported by data and theories from the readings.
Papers should be 3-5 pages and uploaded onto blackboard by 5/12 at 11pm.
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