Social Injustice Manifesto Essay

As a manifesto is traditionally a public declaration of policy and aims, your “manifesto for a digitalpublic” should thus explore an issue of social injustice in the Information Age and how such injustice
could be addressed through a collective act (or acts) of public responsibility. Your manifesto should draw
four external academic sources to explain the importance of this injustice, why personal responsibility
alone can not address it, and how it might be addressed through structural change at a local, state,
national, or global scale (depending on your topic). You can have more than three sub-sections, but the
goal is to break your manifesto’s argument into at least three sections. You could, for example, focus the
first section on explaining the public problem you have identified, the second on explaining why existing
institutions have failed to solve this problem and why a public (or “political community”) is needed to
address it, and the third on explaining the act(s) of public responsibility you are proposing.
I’ll add four sources from my class by myself. They’re about the right to hide and anti-surveillance. So
please relate the paper to surveillance and social responsibility. Thank you!
I’m interested in exploring the topic that how information is spread via media platforms and how the use
of media raise concerns about misinformation and ignoring public rights to know and rights of privacy.
The social institution becomes the platform to spread information but at the same time hide the truth
about what’s really going on and make people under surveillance, which lead to the problem on accessing
to information for public. Facing such conditions, there are still a small groups of people using digital
media platforms to bring the truth to us.
(The first paragraph of your manifesto clearly identifies a matter of social injustice, and introduces your
argument for *why* the public should care about this issue and *how* they should act at a collective or
institutional level to address it)
(BODY: Each and every paragraph begins and ends a topic that supports the argument of your overall
Subtitle 1
Sharing personal information may help to fight against COVID-19, but may ruin the right of privacy. The
use of surveillance makes people use the Internet crazily “hunt” for sick person’s information. Citations
talk about how the use of surveillance may raise problems about the power from government and how we
consider the privacy.
ArjunKharpal. (2020, March 30). Use of surveillance to fight coronavirus raises concerns about
government power after pandemic ends. Retrieved from
Ellensheng. (2020, March 19). Facebook, Google discuss sharing smartphone data with government to
fight coronavirus, but there are risks. Retrieved from
Koetsier, J. (2020, March 18). Facebook Deleting Coronavirus Posts, Leading To Charges Of Censorship.
Retrieved from
Subtitle 2
Facebook wrongly deleted posts about the coronavirus but saying it’s a “bug” from anti-spam system.
Mortimer, J. (2020, March 18). Facebook has been wrongly deleting posts about coronavirus. Retrieved
Posner, M., & Klein, L. F. (2017). Editors Introduction. Feminist Media Histories, 3(3), 1–8. doi:
Subtitle 3
(Your conclusion should do more than simply repeat your introduction. It should redress your
introduction in light of the argument you made in the body of your manifesto.)

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