SPHS 509 American Public University Aerobic Fitness Assessment

Test Results Assignment:

Instructions: Please use the subjective and objective tests you selected for your athlete in Week 2 and provide their results and determine where the compensations exist. For example, you used the squat assessment and the athlete had valgus in his knees; you are to identify the valgus as well as the overactive and underactive muscles.

Please be sure you follow all rules of APA formatting. This includes a title page, headers are capitalized, page numbers and most importantly a reference list along with in text citations.

SPHS500 Assignment 1
Created original
data set of 20+
points in Excel
Create a Table
representing the
data; columns and
rows labels
Creating a Graph
representing the
data; axes labeled
Created a
research question
and clearly
defined IV and
Included thorough
summary of data.
Above average
Below Average
18-20 points
13-17 points

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