Stevenson University Conflict Among Teammates Analysis

This paper has to written as if you experienced this event or witnessed it. Paper’s topic is conflict among teammates. Feel free to use your personal experience in an academic or professional setting. During Week 8, you’ll be writing an essay that analyzes different conflict communication issues and problems inherent in that challenge or problem (CONFLICT AMONG TEAMMATES). In this essay, you’ll be applying 3-4 theories, concepts, or ideas you read about in this class to one real-world
conflict communication problem that has occurred or is occurring in a professional context. The challenge or problem you choose should be something you have personally witnessed or experienced. Do not write about hypothetical or possible issues. This essay should be 6 pages not including cover and reference pages please use and cite at least 4 scholarly sources. The format for these essays will be as follows:

  • Write an introduction that engages the readers, provides background information about the challenge or problem, frames it as a situation worth of an analysis, and offers a good thesis statement about the challenge or problem’s relevance to conflict communication. This introduction should be no more than one or two paragraphs.
  • The next paragraph should summarize the problem or challenge and a theory, concept, or idea that either explains the communication issues or potentially could resolve them. One paragraph of a summary and 2-3 paragraphs of analysis are expected.
  • The above step should be repeated at least two more times but for two other theories, concepts, or ideas.
  • Write a conclusion that re-engages readers, restates your main points, and offers some actual conclusions and recommendations for moving forward.

The main difference with this professional analysis is you’ll get to apply 3-4 ideas/concepts/theories to one conflict communication challenge. Also, please make sure you’re writing about a conflict or problem you have personally witnessed or experienced.

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